We provide private transport in Bratislava, but we can transport you anywhere within European union, e.g. airports in neighbouring countries.

We have years of experience in field of transportation so you can rely on our professional attitude. We are flexible and we aproach every customer individualy.

We provide comfort transport with Volkswagen Touran with maximum capacity of 7 persons (6 + driver)

Price list

This price list is only orientational. If you are interested in our services, please contact us, and we will send you individual price offer.

From where Where to Price
Bratislava (center) Vienna Airport (Schwechat) 39€
Bratislava (center) Vienna (downtown) 59€
Viena Airport (Schwechat) Bratislava (center) 39€
Senec Vienna Airport (Schwechat) 59€
Bratislava (center) Budapest Airport 169€
Bratislava (center) Bratislava Airport 19€
Bratislava Prague 239€

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                 If you are interested in private transport, please fill our order form below. You can also contact us on phone number                                        +421 944 497 400 or +421 908 802 500


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